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Finding the right air purification system is crucial when it comes to the air we breathe. Our air care solutions prevents and stops the spread of harmful germs, moud and bacteria within an enclosed space in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. We provide options through air conditioning systems, diffusers, or gel tubs.

Household & Commercial Grade Liquid Disinfectants

Keep your surfaces clean and bacteria-free to prevent the spread of harmful infections through our surface-disinfecting solutions. We offer a full range of chemical-free disinfectants that are proven and tested with 99.99% efficacy.

Stay Protected Everywhere You Go

Our SAN-WEAR line makes it possible for you to purify the air wherever you go by using purifying oils and diffuser accessories.

Introducing our LD Concentrate

Perfect for complete disinfection, and can be used with a fogging machine, robot, diffuser, and nebuliser. Our disinfecting services proudly uses SAN-AIR’s LD Concentrate.

Safe, Effective & Sustainable Disinfecting Solutions

At Aklenz, our team strives to deliver corporate social responsibilities by helping people and companies reduce maintenance costs by ofering sustainable green solutions and reduce reliance upon hazardous chemicals. Proven and Tested to be 99.9% effective against harmful viruses and bacteria.

The SAN-AIR Science

SAN-AIR is the only natural Australian gel microbial control product for use in air-conditioning that has passed independent testing carried out by a TGA licensed independent laboratory.

Who We Are

San-Air Importer, International Marketer, & Distributor

With the help of proven and tested modern technology, A Klenz SDN BHD strives to help individuals and businesses maintain a clean and healthy environment. Our solutions are eco-friendly and offers protection from viruses and bacteria in the air, unseen to the human eye. Our team has almost 15 years of experience in pest control and hygiene solutions, as well as ventilation system. With that being said, we know the ins and outs of air conditioning and ventilation systems, and understand what needs to be done to get rid of airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as harmful toxins in the air.

Aklenz - San Air Inporter, International Marketer, and Distributor

Our Solutions

Sustainable Solutions to
a Clean & Comfortable Environment

Airborne Solutions

Our air purifying solutions is cost-effective, green, yet powerful. We provide products that prevents and eliminates the spread of harmful airborne viruses and bacteria.


Surface Disinfectants

Everything you touch contains bacteria and viruses. Keep your surfaces clean with our chemical-free disinfectants that are safe for for environment around us.


Personal Care

Stay protected from harmful bacteria and viruses wherever you go. Through our San-Wear’s Purifying Oil Technology, you are able to bring air purification everywhere you go.


The Science

24/7 Clean & Breathable Air with San-Air

We work in partnership with San-Air to help improve air quality by using natural, safe and green microbial control technology. This green technology is our solution to control airborne surface contamination without the use of toxic chemicals. This proven and tested technology kills 99.9% of Airborne viruses In less than 10 minutes. We have solutions for air and surface disinfectants.

100% Natural

Biodegradable & Recyclable

Food Grade

TGA Certified

24/7 Purification

Purple Tick Approved

Companies That Use SAN-AIR

Independantly Tested & Validated

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