About A Klenz

Importer, International Marketer, & Distributor of San-Air

Our Story

Advanced, Green, & Safe Solutions to Indoor Air Systems and Maintenance.

Our founding team began in 2021, with the goal to provide natural and chemical-free solutions for air purification. We believe with modern technology and innovation, we are able to create more progressive solutions and expand beyond air purification towards automated disinfection. We aim to continue to unlock new features and creating systems for disinfection, sanitation, preventative maintenance and odour control with added technology integration that maximises efficacy and convenience in protecting people from the spread of all viruses and bacteria.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to deliver corporate social responsibilities helping people and companies reduce maintenance costs by offering sustainable green solutions and reduce reliance upon hazardous chemicals.

Our Vision

To become eco-driving market leader that fosters human wellbeing, committed to continually working toward a sustainable solution in unity with our customers, partners, communities and things around us.

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