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There are many different air purifiers and surface sanitizers available in the market. It is easy to write what it promises to do to sell the products, but what most do not have is proven and tested results behind the science and technology. As businesses and consumers, it is important for us to know how effective the products we are using are, and the aftermeth of its contents on the environment. Some “efficient” methods out there received light in the news, and we feel it is important for us to highlight these matters to spread awareness.

COVID-19: A Good Reason to Fix Indoor Air Quality?

November 25, 2021

ABC Released an article on the emphasis of regulating indoor air quality through air conditionining systems. This is a concern sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indoor air quality does not only involve bacteria, but also mold, germs, and micro-buildups invisible to the human eye.

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The Growth of SAN-AIR

October 08, 2021

SAN-AIR, Tree-Med to invest RM47 million in Meru’s plant, eyeing RM100 million sales.

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Health Concerns Raised Over The Use of Spray Guns

September 20, 2021

Concerns continue to rise as spray guns are being used directly on the human skin, when they are meant as surface disinfectants. Harmful chemicals from spray guns are health threats to the human skin and respiratory organs.

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One in Three Countries in the World Lack any Legally Mandated Standards for Outdoor Air Quality

September 02, 2021

Concern sparks as countries around the world are still significantly lacking compliance with WHO’s guidelines when it comes to air quality. We want to emphasize the importance of regulating air quality in order to reduce microbial spreading.

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Boeing Study Found Technology to be Ineffective on Airplanes

June 08, 2021

Lawsuit was filed against a company for making ‘false’ claims. A Boeing study found the technology isn’t effective enough to use on planes. The company’s study is being debated in a proposed class-action suit.

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Is Coronavirus Airborne?

May 30, 2021

Studies suggest that COVID-19 virus is more likely to spread through airborne transmission. This stresses on the important of proper air purification and proper air ventilation, especially in enclosed buildings.

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Only Some Were Infected by COVID-19 in a Restaurant

April 20, 2020

Chinese researchers found the role played by air currents in the spread of the illness in enclosed spaces, causing only some to get infected and others did not.

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