Solutions We Offer

Better indoor air and disinfecting systems for your building or home.

Air Purifying Solutions

The Key To Better Indoor Air Systems

Your health and wellbeing starts from the air you breathe. Whether it is for the central air conditioning systems in your office building, or a split air conditioner for your home, we have the solution for you. SAN-AIR products are proven to be effective using microbial technology to safely prevent the spread of airborne viruses without the use of toxins and chemicals. 

Surface Disinfectants

Maintain A Clean & Sanitised Environment

Every surface we come in contact with contains germs, potentially spreading viral infections. Therefore, it is important that we sanitise and disinfect by using products that are proven to be effective without long-term harm to the surface or the environment. We have solutions to prevent the spread of and remove germs and mould that exist on the surface.

Personal Care

Stay Protected Everywhere You Go

With SAN-WEAR, it is now possible to keep yourself protected at all times by utilising a combination of purifying oils and accessories. This advanced technology is designed to be part of your lifestyle, keeping you safe and worry-free whever you go.

Air Conditioning Services

Maintain A Fully Functional Air System

Our team at A Klenz do not only encourage the use of green, and chemical-free products, but we also want to make sure you maintain the air conditioning systems you have. Our air purifying products depend on a good air indoor air system. Therefore, it is important to have a fully functioning air conditioner in your building.

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