Surface Disinfectants

There are many surface disinfectants available in the market, but do you know if they are proven and tested, or what chain effects the chemicals released might cause? SAN-AIR’s disinfecting liquid uses microbial technology that is proven and tested to be effective against viruses and bacteria.


SAN-AIR V3R Liquid Disinfectant

100% Natural Actives, Household & Commercial Grade Technology

SAN-AIR is a Microbial Control Technology, independently validated to reduce fungal and bacterial bio-burden levels within indoor environments. Formulated with over 20 plant actives, SAN-AIR is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment. The SAN-AIR Liquid passed the TGA Disinfectant Test, and is classified as a household & commercial grade disinfectant. The only proven disinfectant that contains 100% natural actives and has no harsh chemicals. 

Household/Commercial Grade Disinfectant V3R

Safe to use on materials such as plastic, timber, tiles, laminated metal, chrome, glass, porcelain, and marble.

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Surface Mould Remover

Mould remover, safe to use on most surfaces on walls, ceilings, furnitures, etc.

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LD Concentrate V3R

For hot or cold fogging in enclosed spaces, or surface disinfectants including refrigerators and storage rooms.

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Ready-To-Use Sanitiser

For hot or cold indoor sanitiser. Safe to use on most surfaces, including refrigerators and storage rooms.

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