The Science Behind San-Air

Microbial Control Technology

What Is It?

The Difference: Biocides vs. Biostats

Anti-microbial agents can be either biocides which kill a germ within 15 seconds of contact or biostats which cause a germ to die within 15 minutes, by restricting a germ’s oxygen intake preventing it from growing and reproducing.

All chemical anti-microbial agents are biocides. The problem with biocides is that the process of instant killing can cause the release of mycotoxins from the germ effectively continuing the spread of harmful effects.

SAN-AIR is a biostat – with a biostat the neutralisation process is safer because it does not cause any release of mycotoxins from the germs during the process.

Continued use of SAN-AIR ensures long lasting protection from mold and bacteria.

Efficacy & Validation

The Proven & Tested Technology

SAN-AIR is the only natural Australian gel microbial control product for use in air-conditioning that has passed independent testing carried out by a TGA licensed independent laboratory.

The SAN-AIR technology uses a 3-pronged approach to eradicating viruses.


1. Kills the bacteria host of the virus

For over 100 years, science has proven that viruses need to host in bacteria in order to survive. SAN-AIR eradicates the bacteria as well as the virus they can be hosting.


2. Removes the envelope of the virus

EUROFINS | AMS results show that the SAN-AIR technology in gel and liquid form, kill the virus when tested with methodology which measures the removal of envelope of the COVID-19 virus. 


3. Impacts the infectious genes of the virus

INNOLAB results show that both the SAN-AIR gel and liquid work on the infectious genes of COVID-19. Testing methoodlogy used two methods of exposure:

(a) The liquid product was mixed to the sample so that it was homogenously exposed to the active compound.

(b) The gel product was exposed to the surface portion of the sample.

Overall, the product showed high efficacy to degrade the Sars CoV 2 virus particle. The use of SAN-AIR gel and liquid products provide fast and continuous impact against COVID-19.

Companies That Use SAN-AIR

Kills 99.9% of Airborne viruses In less than 10 minutes!

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